Amazon Go commercial – Videó lecke – Kezdő és középhaladó

Amazon rolled out the so-called “registerless" grocery stores, where customers don’t have to queue in the line to check out. Videó lecke kezdő és közép haladó üzleti angol tanulóknak.

Full transcript (A videó teljes szövege):

Four years ago, we started to wonder what would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, grab what you want, and just go. What if we could weave the most advanced machine learning, computer vision and AI into the very fabric of a store, so you never have to wait in line. No lines, no checkouts, no registers. Welcome to Amazon go. Use the Amazon go app to enter, then put away your phone and start shopping. It's really that simple. Take whatever you like. Anything you pick up is automatically added to your virtual cart. If you change your mind about that cupcake just put it back our technology will update your virtual cart automatically. So how does it work? We used computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion much like you'd find in self-driving cars. We call it ‘Just Walk Out’ technology. Once you've got everything you want, you can just go. When you leave, our ‘Just Walk Out’ technology adds up your virtual cart and charges your amazon account. Your receipt is sent straight to the app and you can keep going. Amazon go. No lines. No checkout. No, seriously.

Key words from the video (legfontosabb kifejezések a videoból):

grab - megragad
weave into - beleszövi
AI - Artificial Intelligence - Mesterséges Inteligencia
checkout - pénztár, kassza
register - pénztárgép
automatically - automatikusan
virtual cart - virtuális bevásárló kocsi
change your mind - meggondolod magad
update - frissít
self-driving car - önmagát vezető autó
add up - összead
charge - felszámol, ráterhel
account - számla
receipt - nyugta


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