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It seems it's not going too well for Coca Cola nowadays. Both sales and profits have recently fallen significantly. Watch this video and find out more about details and the reasons for these poor results. In the meantime, pick up some new phrases related to commerce, financial trends and figures!

Full transcript of the video (a videó teljes szövege):

Coke's earnings fizzle. The world's largest beverage company saw profit fall 55 percent. Revenues also dropped from a year ago, making it the seventh straight quarter of declining sales. Coke is a widely held stock and today's news sent it lower by nearly two percent. Sara Eisen digs into Coke’s quarter.

The world's biggest beverage company is in transition mode, results today painted a picture of better growth in North America, but weakness around the world. Add in a stronger US dollar that chips away at Coke’s overseas sales, a complicated re-franchising, where Coke is spinning off most of its bottlers to become a leaner company, and a new CEO James Quincey who takes over from Muthar Kent in May.

We focused the portfolio on more categories, we upped the marketing investment, we improved the execution, we transformed the bottling system, re-franchising it, and I think the whole team has pulled that together and now they had two really strong years, capped off with a great fourth quarter. The North American business is humming. Lot to do in 2017 with the biggest year of re-franchising but we're confident, the team is confident.

The big picture soda consumption is slowing as people are out for healthier choices, like bottled water and juices and teas. This will be Quincey's main challenge along with adjusting to a new administration. Already coke has opposed president Trump's recent immigration order.

Coca-cola's stood for inclusivity. We're in 200 countries around the world we have always stood for that we're always gonna stand for that, so we think that that's you know part of our core values and that's what our statement that Muthar (the previous CEO) put out was all about. It doesn't affect a lot of employees but we wanted to be clear about what our brand stands for, what our company stands for.

Another big question will be global trade. Coke’s international exposure means if we do see more protectionist policies, like boarder taxes or tariffs, it could be a headwind for business. For now though management is focused on building a smaller, more focused company, selling smaller cans of coke, which are actually doing better to keep up with changing consumer taste. For nightly business report I'm Sara Eisen.

Key words from the video with Hungarian meanings (legfontosabb kifejezések a videoból magyar jelentésekkel):

earnings - bevétel

beverage - ital

seventh straight quarter - hetedik egymásutáni negyedév 

declining - csökkenő

digs into - utána jár, beleássa magát

in transition mode (advanced) - átalakulási módban

chip away at sth (advanced) - fokozatosan gyengít

overseas sales - nemzetközi értékesítések

re-franchising (advanced): tevékenységek vagy üzletrészek eladása franchise partnereknek (franchisees)

spin off (advanced) - leválasztja, különválasztja a cégtől

bottler - palackozó üzem

leaner company - karcsúbb és hatékonyabb cég

takes over from sb - átveszi valakinek a helyét

up (v) - növel

transform - átalakít

bottling system - palackozó rendszer

cap off with sth - megfejel valamivel (ráadásként)

hum  - zakatol, jól megy

consumption - fogyasztás

slow (v) - lassul

adjusting to sth - alkalmazkodik valamihez

administration - kormány

oppose - ellenez

stand for sth - képvisel valamit

inclusivity  - befogadás, bevonás

core values - alapvető értékek

put out - kirak, közzétesz

international exposure  - nemzetközi kitettség, érintettség

protectionist policies - protekcionsita (védekező) intézkedések

border tax - vámhatáron kivetett adó

tariff - vámilleték

headwind for business - akadály az üzletnek

keep up with sth  - lépést tart valamivel

consumer taste - fogyasztói ízlés


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