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Hogyan érdemeljük ki a bizalmat az üzleti életben? Egy perces üzleti angol videó lecke 10 hasznos kifejezéssel. Közép haladó tanulóknak ajánlott.

Full transcript (A videó teljes szövege):

When you first come into a position where you’re in leadership, and you have a lot of employees underneath you, you know odds are you're not gonna know everything, you're not gonna have all the answers and you're not gonna come across as completely polished and knowing it all.  And rather than try to trick people into thinking that you have all the answers, just be upfront and straight from the beginning. And admit your weaknesses, admit your faults, admit what you're good at but what you're not. Because if you do that, then you're gonna earn their trust, and then in return they're gonna give it back to you. And they're gonna start to be open with you, and that’s when the true work really starts to happen.

Key words from the video (Legfontosabb szavak a videóból):

leadership - menedzsment

employee - alkalmazott

odds are - valószínű 

polished - képzett

rather than - ahelyett, hogy

upfront - egyenes, őszinte

admit - bevall, elismer

weakness - gyengeség

good at  sth - jó valamiben

in return - cserébe


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