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Snap (previously called Snapchat) has decided to go public, that many say can be one of the largest tech IPOs of the last few years. Watch this video about the details of this planned transaction and learn some financial English phrases!

Full transcript of the video (a videó teljes szövege):

The Snap is growing fast, last year’s revenue of 405 million dollars was almost seven times higher than the company’s revenue in 2015, and it's 158 million daily users are addicted, visiting the app more than 18 times daily and spending an average of twenty-five to thirty minutes a day. But after growing up fast in the first half of the year on new products, user growth is slowing, from seven percent from the second to third quarter to just three percent from the third to the fourth quarter. And the company is not profitable, losing 515 million dollars last year. Snap faces some big rivals namely Apple, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google and Twitter among others, and it names a range of risks. The majority of its users are 18 to 34, a demographic that Snap acknowledges is less brand loyal and more likely to follow trends, and shareholders won't get a voice. The voting control of Snap’s co-founders CEO Evan Spiegel and CTO Bobby Murphy won’t be diluted, the Class A shares issued in the IPO won't have any voting rights. Snap’s saying they're not aware of any other company completing an IPO of non-voting stock. It was worth noting that while Facebook shareholders do get a vote, the company is still controlled by its founder.

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Key words from the video (legfontosabb kifejezések a videoból):

addicted - függő, függőségben szenved

user growth - felhasználók számának növekedése

quarter - negyed év 

face rivals - konkurenciával néz szembe

range of risks - kockázatok sora

demographic - korosztály

acknowledges - elismer

brand loyal - márka hű

voting control - szavazati erő

co-founder - társalapító

CTO - Chief Technology Officer -  Műszaki Igazgató

dilute - gyengül, gyengít

issue (shares) - kibocsát (részvényeket)

IPO - Initial Public Offering - első tőzsdei részvény kibocsátás

voting right - szavazati jog

non-voting stock - szavazati joggal nem rendelkező részvény

is worth noting - érdemes megjegyezni/megemlíteni, hogy…



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