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In this video lesson, you can learn about about Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, talking about some of Apple's keys to success and why the company works like a big start-up. Complete this lesson and learn some phrases about teamwork and management.

FULL TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO (a videó teljes szövege):

Steve Jobs: One of the keys to apple is Apple's an incredibly collaborative company. And so you know how many committees we have at Apple. No. Zero. We have no committees.

Journalist: No committees.

Steve jobs: We are organized like a start-up. One person’s in charge of iPhone OS software. One person’s in charge of Mac hardware, one person’s in charge of iPhone hardware engineering, another person’s in charge of worldwide marketing, another person’s in charge of operations. We’re organized like a start-up. We’re the biggest start up on the planet. And we all meet for three hours once a week, and we talk about everything we’re doing, the whole business. And there's tremendous teamwork at the top of the company which filters down to tremendous teamwork throughout the company. And teamwork is dependent on trusting the other folks to come through with their part without watching them all the time, but trusting that they're going to come through with their parts. And that's what we do really well, and we're great at figuring out how to divide things up into these great teams that we have, and all work on the same thing, touch bases frequently, and bring it all together into a product. We do that really well, and so what I do all day is meet with teams of people, and work on ideas and solve problems to make new products to make new marketing programs, whatever it is.

Journalist: And are people willing to tell you you're wrong? I mean, other than snarky journalists, I mean people who work for you.

Steve Jobs: Oh, yeah, no, we have wonderful arguments.

Journalist: And you win them all?

Steve Jobs: Oh, no, I wish I did. No, see, you can’t. If you wanna hire great people and have them stay working for you, you have to let them make a lot of decisions, and you have to, you have to be run by ideas not hierarchy. The best ideas have to win otherwise good people don't stay.

Journalist: But you must be more than a facilitator who runs meetings, you obviously contribute your own ideas

Steve Jobs: I contribute ideas, sure. Why would I be there if I didn’t?

(Fontos kifejezések a videóból magyar jelentésekkel)

collaborative - együttműködő

committee - bizottság

be in charge of sth - felelős valamiért

operations - napi ügyvitel

tremendous - lenyügőző 

filter down to - leszűrődik, leszivárog

throughout the company - az egész cégen keresztül

be dependent on sth - függ valamitől

come through with their part - elkészülnek a saját részükkel

be great at sth - nagyon jó valamiben

touch bases - egyeztet, röviden megbeszél

snarky - csípkelődő, éles nyelvű

argument - vita

hire sb - felvesz valakit

make decisions - döntéseket hoz

hierarchy - hierarchia, alá- és fölérendeltségre épülő rendszer

facilitator - egy személy, akinek az a feladata, hogy elősegítse
egy megbeszélés, vita menetét (pl. kérdéseket tesz fel)

contribute ideas - ötleteket ad


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